More than Money – News You Need to Know – August 2020

  • More than Money/MtM offices are open to receive you.  We have missed seeing both our current clients and our hope-to-be clients in our office.  We have a system in place that we pray keeps all of you and all of us safe and healthy when you do visit.  Please bring your mask.  Please also use your best judgement.  If your needs can be served with a phone call or Zoom meeting – please go that route for now.  One of the best ways we can help protect you and your families is to keep our social distance – for now.  If face-to-face is what we need – we will welcome you into our office with masks on and virtual handshakes.
  • More than Money/MtM is growing.  We hope you saw our recent announcement of wonderful new people joining our team.  Chad Rupprecht is our newest financial planning associate.  Despite the fact that he is originally from Minnesota and roots for all ‘those’ teams, Chad is an exceptionally friendly, exceptionally well organized, and exceptionally caring person. Please introduce yourself when you have that opportunity.

Megan Smale is our new Director of Client Communications.  Megan is a Susquehanna University graduate and immensely skilled in the many ways we share important information with our More than Money family.  Megan has been working hard on our two TV shows, our Saturday radio shows, this very newsletter, our LinkedIn and Facebook efforts and lots, lots more.  Her plate is very full.  Please say hello to Megan when you are able.  If you notice a resemblance to Diane – there may be a good reason.

  • When 9/11 arrives More than Money and the entire More than Money family is here to help.  On 9/11 our entire team will be working hard to raise funds for Folds of Honor.  Folds of Honor was established in 2007 with a mission to provide educational scholarships to the children and spouses of deceased or disabled military veterans.  Please join us on 9/11 as Bobby Gunther Walsh, Dan Holzmann, and the entire WAEB AM790 morning show broadcasts live from the More than Money World Headquarters – in the Holy Lands – between Bethlehem and Nazareth.

We’re asking for your help.  If you can sponsor with matching money that is amazing and appreciated.  If you can donate $10 we will find a way to get that doubled to $20 or more.  Every effort large and small will help us help more families of our military get the education they need to change lives forever.

Please help by sending Gene an email (

  • More than Money on PBS39 – after having the summer ‘off’ we are returning to the studio (on Sesame Street!) to begin work on a new season of More than Money on PBS39.  One of our most popular segments is our ‘American Story’ segment.  We had so many wonderful, interesting, and inspiring guests in our first season.  We’ve set the bar very high for our shows to come.  If you have suggestions for someone with a great American Story, please contact Megan ( or 610-746-7007) in our office.  Megan is charged with booking our guests.  Guests can be from anywhere in the country.  Some will join us in the studio.  Many will join us via satellite.  If you know someone with a great story – wherever they may be – we want to share their story with our audience.

And tune into PBS39 on Tuesday evening at 7:30 starting September 8th for a new season of More than Money!

  • More than Money on BRC-TV13 – we have also returned to our studios in Lehighton to be produce new shows for our audiences in the Northeast and Lancaster County areas.  We have been airing our live shows on Blue Ridge for almost 30 years.  Recent challenges have required that we move from live shows to recorded shows.  I think the results have been outstanding.  When you tune in be sure to stay to the very end and take a look at the credits.  These are all the hard working people on our production team (headed up by Jenna Janecek who is the best director around) who bring you our shows and make Gene look good in spite of what they have to work with.

Tune into BRC-TV13 on Thursday evenings at 7 for premiere broadcasts of our shows and throughout the week for replays.

  • More than Money Initiative for ‘Curb Side’ Voting.  The call for the November election to be fueled by mailed ballots sends terror through most Americans who already find the integrity of our elections suspect. I announced on my Saturday show that in response to the voter fraud in the making mail in ballot movement I am starting my:

More than Money Initiative for Curb Side Voting

Stay in your car, stay socially distanced, stay masked, but show up in person, check in (as always) with the poll workers to verify your registration, pull forward and vote from your car.  No harder than working an ATM machine.

Opportunity for fraud and manipulation goes out the (car) window.

What do you think?

If you have questions or comments, please send them to

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More than Money – News You Need to Know – August 2020

More than Money/MtM offices are open to receive you.  We have missed seeing both our current clients and our hope-to-be clients in our office.  We have a system in place…... Read Article

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