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“Should an 86-Year-Old Buy or Rent a Home?”

“My dad heard you talking about reverse mortgages on your radio show and wondered if this is something that would help him. He’s 86, sold his home in New York…... Read Article

“How Should We Prepare For Financial Changes As Our Family Grows?”

“My husband and I got married almost two years ago. When I met him four years ago he had a ton of credit card balances. He has since paid them…... Read Article

“Can Husbands & Wives Have Different Financial Advisors?”

“My husband and I have very different approaches to our money – I think he knows more about our finances than I do. He’s been working with our financial advisor…... Read Article

“How Do I Balance My Retirement and Helping My Family?”

“My son is 41, divorced for 6 years, with 2 children. He has a hard time finding work and/or keeping a job. I’ve given him $1,000 every month since his…... Read Article

“Which Stocks Would Gene Recommend?”

“I do all my own investments, income taxes, and even our wills and trusts. I started buying individual stocks a few years ago and my results have been “OK” not…... Read Article

“We’ve Lost Confidence In Our Investment…”

“We’ve been buying stock in a well known company for over 20 years. It went down so we bought more shares thinking we were dollar cost averaging. However, it has…... Read Article

Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom – October 2020

Jim Rohn – was a successful businessman, author, speaker, and was often described as a ‘business philosopher’.  Born on a small Idaho farm in 1930, he died at his home…... Read Article

Real Life Questions – Real World Answers – October 2020

“This year’s stock market roller coaster seems even worse than 2008.  It has my husband and I worried that we will need all of our savings to live and have…... Read Article

What Should You Do With Your Investments Before the Election? – October 2020

Every thinking American has concerns about the election on November 3rd.  Whichever Presidential candidate you support – you are worried about the future of our country if ‘the other guy’…... Read Article

“Should We Take More Now and Nothing Later?”

“My husband is retired and I’d like to retire too. We’ve saved over $1,000,000, spend reasonably, and have little to no debt. However, if I retire now at 62, we’d…... Read Article

“I Got a Second Opinion from the Team at MtM”

“My current advisor and I seem to disagree with how my investment returns are doing. I’m so glad I came to your team at MtM for a second opinion meeting…... Read Article

“I Don’t Trust My Former Employer to Pay Me”

“I’m owed $1,700 a month from my former employer after I turn 65. This could mean I can retire earlier than I planned… but I’m not sure I trust them…... Read Article

“Home Equity Line of Credit or Reverse Mortgage?”

“Is a 70-year-old retired man better off using the equity in his home for a home equity line of credit or getting a reverse mortgage?” Gene answers you and your…... Read Article

“Will Bitcoin Become the Reserve Currency of the World?”

“Wharton School on SiriusXM says Bitcoin will become the reserve currency of the world… do you agree?” Gene answers you and your neighbors financial questions on More than Money. Send…... Read Article

“I Feel Like I Annoy My Advisor…”

“I’ve never met my advisor in person and feel like I annoy him when I call…” Gene answers you and your neighbors financial questions on More than Money. Send in…... Read Article

“The Devil’s In The Details”​

“Is life insurance really tax free?” It sure can be, but you’ve got to pay attention to the details. Life insurance is nearly always (but not always) income tax free. Life…... Read Article

“This Shouldn’t Be Difficult…”

“How tough is it for a business to provide its employees with a really good 401(k) plan?” Easy peezy, lemon squeezy!  Any company can provide its employees with a world…... Read Article

“Do You Know About This Rule?”

“I thought the IRS allowed only one investment change per year. What happened to that rule?” The IRS expanded the number of changes from once-per-year to twice-per-year in 2009, but…... Read Article

“Long Term Care Insurance?”​

“My husband and I listen to your show as often as we can. Over the past few months we’ve heard a lot of callers asking about the law that makes them…... Read Article

“Is It Time To Cut My Losses?”​

“I invested in an annuity in early 2008 – right as things got really bad in the stock market. My advisor explained I would get a lifetime of guaranteed income. I put…... Read Article

“It’s Our Turn To Help Them”​

“Thank you for sending me the filial support article attorney Keith Strohl wrote. It was very informative and also very unsettling. My parents are just turning 60 and they’re both in…... Read Article

“How To Get The Most From Your Company 401(k)”​

“I’m 24 with a great job and solid prospects (Penn State grad!). I’ve recently become able to put money into a 401(k). The company matches half of what I put in up…... Read Article

“The Wife Is Always Right.”​

“My husband and I are both 40, we have two great kids, and two jobs we enjoy. We have saved some money for retirement, but we disagree on how it…... Read Article

We’re back for Season 2 on PBS39!

Join Gene Tuesday nights at 7:30 on PBS39 for the newest episode of More than Money! Enjoy featured interviews in the ‘American Stories’ series and stick around as Gene answers…... Read Article

“Can We Get Into Pensions On Our Own?”​

“My wife and I are 67 and 66 and will both retire soon. We’ve used our 401(k)s to save for retirement and I have about $700,000 (depending on the day) and…... Read Article

Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom – September 2020

Abraham Lincoln – preserved the United States of America through the darkest period of our existence.  His impact on our country is felt to this day.  Lincoln knew heartache –…... Read Article

Real Life Questions – Real World Answers – September 2020

“My husband and I invested a good sized chunk of our savings in two annuities in 2009.  Both of these annuities have a benefit that pays us an income for…... Read Article

We Remember 9/11 with Folds of Honor

When 9/11 arrives More than Money and the entire More than Money family is here to help.  On 9/11 our team will be working hard to raise funds for Folds…... Read Article

“Using Secure Trust Funds As Collateral?”

My brother and I are looking to buy a commercial property. We don’t have the 25% down normally required for a commercial loan.  However, our grandparents were smart investors and set…... Read Article

“Proud Parents Invest In Child’s Future”

“Our daughter did a great job in college. She did so well in her major that she got more grants each year than we planned. We have some money (almost $30,000) left…... Read Article

“Improve Your Future – Today”​

“My wife and I are both 28 with good, but not great jobs. We haven’t started a family yet and are wondering if we shouldn’t be doing ‘something’ on the side…... Read Article

“How Much Life Insurance Does A Growing Family Need?”​

“My wife and I are both twenty-six (26) and expecting our first child in April. I know we need life insurance, but I have no idea how much. What is the right…... Read Article

“Why Don’t Our Numbers Match?”​

“Our financial advisor provides us with reports showing how our investments are performing. We compare that report’s numbers with our account statements and some numbers match and some don’t. And the returns…... Read Article

“Is Your Financial Advisor ‘Paying’​ Off?”​

“I use a financial advisor who charged me $11,000 last year, met with me once, and my investments made 1% return. How much should I have paid for this?” Your question…... Read Article

“Can You ‘Circuit Break’ Your Investments?”

In a word, yes.  If you feel your investments are too exposed to sharp downturns in the market there are a significant number of options you have to build more stability…... Read Article

“Would You Ever Turn Down Money?”

Maybe you would – for a good reason. In certain situations, inheriting money causes more problems than it solves. If you are in position to inherit a significant sum of money –…... Read Article

“How Can You Do That to Someone You Love?”

How can you allow your family and friends to receive financial advice from someone you don’t know or trust?  Many of our clients and friends refer their friends and family…... Read Article

“Digital Estates?”

Your home is properly titled. Your life insurance and IRAs have named beneficiaries. You’ve inventoried your assets and identified who gets mom’s engagement ring and dad’s prized collection of beer cans. Executors are…... Read Article

“When Do I Change My Investment Strategy?”

When your goals change. When your time frames change. When your ‘heart’ changes. These are good reasons to consider changing your investment strategy. When the news is upsetting. When another gold commercial is…... Read Article

“Diversified Investments?”​

“How many investments do I need to be diversified?” Maybe as few as one. Diversification is one of the most important tools in managing risk within an investment portfolio. Diversification comes…... Read Article

Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom – August 2020

Thomas Jefferson – if you are a loyal reader of More than Money the Newsletter you know that I have quoted Thomas Jefferson (or Tom as I’m allowed to call…... Read Article

Real Life Questions – Real World Answers – August 2020

“What will happen to the American economy/stock market after the election?” This is the question on the minds of many Americans.  Many of the answers they are getting are intentionally…... Read Article

More than Money – News You Need to Know – August 2020

More than Money/MtM offices are open to receive you.  We have missed seeing both our current clients and our hope-to-be clients in our office.  We have a system in place…... Read Article

“Is It Legal For A 90-Year-Old To Invest In The Stock Market?”​

“My aunt is 90 and has been a client of yours for many years – at least 20. I recently retired and asked her about her experience with you. She said she…... Read Article

“Take It or Leave It?”​

“My husband is a teacher and will be retiring at the end of this school year. He has been in PSERS since he started teaching in 1987. We went to a conference…... Read Article

“Selling Our Homes – Buying Together”​

“My question is about how my wife and I can sell our homes and then buy one home together without getting slammed on income taxes. I lost my first wife…... Read Article

“Is This Too Good To Be True?”​

“I just turned 59 and plan to retire when I hit 66. I work for a good sized company that offers a 401(k) that no one likes. The investments in our 401(k)…... Read Article

“How Can I Make Things Easier On My Kids When My Time Comes?”

“My wife passed away suddenly last November. She had a 401(k) at her job, an IRA, and a life insurance policy. All together it’s a little more than $360,000. I didn’t do anything…... Read Article

“You May Want to Sit Down for This…”​

“I am 72 and must take RMDs from my three IRAs. Two are invested in mutual funds and one in an annuity. Each sends me a letter toward the end of the…... Read Article

“Do Your Kids Need A Scorekeeper?”​

“My daughter and son-in-law have gotten themselves pretty deep in debt. Big car loans and credit cards are most of their problem. I told them you recommended Dave Ramsey’s course and…... Read Article

“Will I Be Forced to Pay for My Parents Nursing Home Care?”

“You’ve talked on your radio show about kids being forced to pay for their parents nursing home care. My brother and I talked to our mom and dad about this. Neither of…... Read Article

“How to Balance Family and Financial Dreams?”​

“My wife and I are both 28 years old and both enjoy good jobs. In total we earn just over $140,000 each year. We’ve been saving for our first home and have…... Read Article

“Who Gets Paid First?”​

“Who gets paid first my beneficiaries or my heirs?” You might be shocked to find out your will could end up not worth the paper it’s printed on. You might be…... Read Article

“Company 401(k) or an IRA?”

“Should I use my company 401(k) or an IRA?” That depends. What are you trying to accomplish? IRAs can be simple, flexible, and personal. 401(k)s can be automatic, low cost, and accept…... Read Article

“I Paid My Premiums, but Lost My Life Insurance!”

It is absolutely possible to pay your life insurance premiums exactly as you were told by an insurance salesman and still end up with no death benefit at all. Life insurance…... Read Article

“How Can We Be Smarter With Our Spending?”​

“My fiancé and I have been together for almost four years and both have really good jobs that pay us very well. We both contribute to our 401(k)s. Our student loans will…... Read Article

“Why Are So Many Radio Shows Pushing Annuities?”

In a word – profit. Many annuities are extremely profitable – to the annuity company and certainly to the salesman/woman. If you knew that a salesperson was seeing a fourteen per…... Read Article

“Can Far, Far Away Also be Very Close?”

Sure. Technology can be a wonderful thing. Do you know someone who could use a great financial advisor? Maybe it’s someone you care about, but lives ‘far, far away’ – like Albuquerque…... Read Article

“How Can I Get All the Free Money?”​

“I recently changed jobs and have – for the first time – a 401(k) I can invest in. I am 26, make a good living, have been saving a fair amount…... Read Article

Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom — July 2020

Privilege – a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. In America today, the word privilege carries a significant emotional charge.  It…... Read Article

Real Life Questions – Real World Answers — July 2020

“Is a Will Ever Useless?” No, but – in some cases – not very useful. Everyone knows you should have a will.  Not everyone knows that relying on your will…... Read Article

“I Suddenly Lost My Husband… What Do I Do Now?”​

A young (41) woman recently asked for guidance following the loss of her husband in a car accident four months ago. Her husband had significant amounts of life insurance and left…... Read Article

“How Can I Get My Kids on the Right Financial Track?”

“How can I get my kids on the right financial track?” You could try texting them. Just kidding – kind of. You (knowing what you know now) wish you could…... Read Article

“We Need a 2nd Opinion…”​

“My wife and I are both 62 and getting very close to retirement. We’ve heard you mention on your radio show 2nd opinion meetings. I think we’re interested in one of those. We…... Read Article

“How Do We Pick the Right Financial Advisor for Us?”​

“We’re looking for a financial advisor. My husband listens to your show while driving for work on Saturday mornings. My friend has suggested her financial advisor, but sounded a little ‘underwhelmed’. Are there…... Read Article

“Is This Legal?”

“Talk about being shocked.  I am working full-time and contribute to the 401(k).  I turned 70 ½ in January and HR said they are sending me an RMD.  I explained…... Read Article

“Can We Retire in 4 Years?”​

“My husband and I are about four years away from retirement – if you think we can retire. Our home is worth about $200,000 and is paid off. The only debt…... Read Article

“How can financial advisors tell people they can withdraw 4% per year ‘safely’ when stocks only pay 2%?”

“I have an investment portfolio of high quality stocks. The dividends they pay are about 2% of their share prices. How can financial advisors be telling people they can withdraw 4% per…... Read Article

“Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow”​

“I’m 32 and have been working at the same job since I graduated 10 years ago. I make a good income and have good benefits. The problem is I’m not really happy…... Read Article

“29 Years Old and Already a 5 Year MtM Client”​

“I don’t think many people know that More than Money works with young people as well as baby boomers. My son is 29 and has been a client of your company’s…... Read Article

“I want to start taking my monthly distributions… How much should I take? What if I mess this up?”​

“I’m 64 and have been retired for just over two years. I have an IRA that holds my 401(k) rollover with about $385,000. I want to start taking my monthly distributions in…... Read Article

“Our living expenses have dropped almost $1,500 a month. Should that go into our IRAs?”

“Last year, my wife and I realized our dream. We sold our PA home and our little shore house and we moved to a great new home at the shore. Everything went…... Read Article

“We’re trying to sell our house and shop of 30 years… will income taxes trip us up?”​

“We’ve lived in our home for almost 30 years. Now we’re moving and have it under contract for sale. Our problem is our property has our home and also a small…... Read Article

“Is it permissible to use my daughter’s 529 plan to pay off her student loans?”

“Is it permissible to use my daughter’s 529 plan to pay off her student loans?” As of January 1, 2020 the answer is now yes . . . sort of.…... Read Article

Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom — June 2020

Daniel J. Boorstin (1914-2004), was an American historian who taught at the University of Chicago.  He was also prolific writer who produced some exceptionally thoughtful and detailed books. These included…... Read Article

Real Life Questions – Real World Answers — June 2020

“My wife and I sold our home and are buying a smaller one.  We’re using the proceeds from the sale to almost pay for our new home.  We’re about $35,000…... Read Article

“Does using a Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) make sense inside my IRA?”

“Does using a Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) make sense inside my IRA?” It depends. What is your goal for taking such a step? If your goal is income tax sheltering –…... Read Article

Light at the End of the Tunnel? — 14 Actions You Can Take Right Now — Maybe a Little Smile Would Help? — May 2020

Light at the End of the Tunnel? This is what I wrote in January to someone asking me what I thought the future would bring: “So you think I am…... Read Article

The CARES Act – Federal Stimulus — Signs of Stock Market Recovery — How to ‘Get Back Into the Market’ — April 2020

The CARES Act Summary The CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) is a $2 trillion package intended to provide relief to taxpayers and employers from the effects of government…... Read Article

Stock Market Correction and the Coronavirus — March 2020

What we know . . . As I write this to you the markets have not yet opened for the first trading day of March.  As you are reading this you…... Read Article

Real Life Questions – Real World Answers — February 2020

“Last year the stock market did great.  With the impeachment and election what’s it going to do this year?” So you think I am psychic.  Or you think someone is psychic and…... Read Article

Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom — February 2020

Friendship is a beautiful thing.  I recently saw a statement that said (approximately) ‘friendship is the sweetener of life’. The longer I am allowed to enjoy this spinning green world the…... Read Article

May We Ask A Favor?

We have received so very many kind words and well wishes on our new PBS39 television show – More than Money with Gene Dickison.  Thank you all. As of this writing, our…... Read Article

More than Money Guests — Just getting ready for our appearance on More than Money with Elaine Zelker

Just getting ready for our appearance on More than Money with Elaine Zelker.... Read Article

Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom — January 2020

Soren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher and theologian of the mid-19th century wrote some of the most interesting and challenging ideas of this time.   He also was dedicated to walking.  Simply walking.  A simple…... Read Article

New Tax Law! The SECURE Act Big Changes for IRAs and 401(k)s Retirement Planning Critically Important

Passed at the end of December 2019 as part of the government spending bill, the SECURE Act brings multiple changes to how you and I can and will use IRAs…... Read Article

Thank You —

Our January 11th Historic Radio Event – Safeguard Your Financial Future through Elections and Recessions was heard by tens of thousands and ‘attended’ by hundreds through our on-line tools. If you attended,…... Read Article

More than Money Guests — Joe Mascari joins Gene on the set of PBS39’s More than Money

Joe Mascari joins Gene on the set of PBS39’s More than Money. ... Read Article

More than Money Now Lives on Sesame Street!

We are so excited to share the news with everyone in our More than Money family.  Our More than Money TV show now lives on Sesame Street! Beginning January 7,…... Read Article

Real Life Questions – Real World Answers — December 2019

“Our daughter did a great job in college.  She did so well in her major that she got more grants each year than we planned.  We have some money (almost…... Read Article

Words are Powerful Tools for American Freedom — December 2019

Several years ago I wrote my December newsletter to all of you and came to this segment sharing words as powerful tools for American freedom.  At that time I was…... Read Article

More than Money Guests — Shawnee Inn’s Kirkwood Family joins Gene on the set of PBS39’s More than Money.

Shawnee Inn’s Kirkwood Family joins Gene on the set of PBS39’s More than Money.... Read Article

We’ve Invested in a New Website to Better Serve You

It’s Chock Full of Info to Help You Achieve Financial Peace of Mind At MtM Financial Group, we are firm believers in the importance of good communication. So we are…... Read Article

Circle Dec. 7 on Your Calendar

We don’t want you to miss our annual More than Money Holiday Event!  On Dec. 7 we invite you to join us at our More than Money World Headquarters – in…... Read Article

Slashing Your 2019 Income Tax Bill With an IRA, an RMD, and a QCD Before Dec. 31!

Lots of initials – IRA, RMD, and QCD.  What all those letters might spell is big tax savings if you qualify. A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) is a withdrawal from your IRA…... Read Article

Not 70½, But Still Want to Cut Your Income Taxes?

For many taxpayers the idea of investing in a tax shelter sounds like a quick trip to an IRS audit – or worse.  But this tax shelter, of sorts, is…... Read Article

Sell Stock for Big Profits, But Pay No Income Taxes?!

Sounds too good to be true?  Sounds like something you would hear on a TV infomercial at 3 a.m.  Right before the host yells at you through the screen, “But…... Read Article

Words Are Powerful Tools For American Freedom — November 2019

Capitalism is one of the foundational elements that makes America great.  The “American Dream” is not based on a socialist “see how much we can get without working” philosophy.  The…... Read Article