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October 16, 2021 – Social Security Expert Mark Bacak Answers Your Questions – Bucket O’ Listener Questions

Gene, Alyssa, and Mark Bacak answers tons of listener questions: Social Security questions!Medicare questions!Cryptocurrency questions!Crazy government proposals questions!Lots more listener questions Two New Free Services Have your current life insurance…... Listen Now

October 9, 2021 – Could a Reverse Mortgage Solve His Cash Flow Problem? – He Wants a Roth IRA for his Children – Ages 1 and 3. Doable? – Bucket O’ Listener Questions

Gene and Alyssa answers tons of listener questions: He wishes to get his 14 year old daughter on the right financial and investment tracks!Is hyperinflation in our future?Can she move…... Listen Now

October 2, 2021 – Snippets From ‘The Psychology of Money’ – Paying for College – Paying Off Debt vs. Investing – Answers to a Bucket o’ Listener Questions

Alyssa hosts the show while Gene’s out of town. She talks about sticking to your plan during a market downturn and shares several nuggets of wisdom from Morgan Housel’s book,…... Listen Now

September 25, 2021 – Gifting Rules Are More Generous Than You Think! – Inherited IRA Rules Are More Complicated Than You Think! – Bucket O’ Listener Questions

Gene answers tons of listener questions: ·        Should Grant Cardone avoid giving financial advice about 401(k)s?  Absolutely! ·        Should you buy home title insurance?  Almost certainly no! ·        Isn’t getting dividends from stocks…... Listen Now

September 18, 2021 – Folds of Honor Radiothon Raises $107,330! – Thank You – Thank You – Thank You! – Bucket O’ Listener Questions

Gene answers tons of listener questions: His pension was reduced so his wife would get half.  She passed.  Can he change it now?She reports that her sister put her kids…... Listen Now